MC Crew: exa13 (Project Leader and Everything Work unless Modeling and Mapping), Demonwolf (Mapper) | Credit of This Mod: Njunja for Eastern Armour OSP, Yoman for Face Cover Mail Helmet OSP and other that was support this mod.


Sorry for the cancel, but there is some reason.

First, I don't want a history change it way, Its not funny to see Khalid Ibn Waleed the never-lose commander was taken down at Constantinople.

Second, I still can't control the seed of lord family, and you will see Khalid Ibn Waleed is the father of Amr Ibn Ash, weird huh?

Third, I still can't control lords behaviour, I know you are going to mad at Amr Ibn Ash when Amr said "Omar Ibn Al-Khattab is one of the hypocrite", I don't want to change the sense of every Muhammad's (PBUH) Companions.

Fourth, I stuck at the research, I can't find 20 Byzantine, Sassanian, Ghassanid, Armenian, Jewish Geneneral.

As the singleplayer was canceled, I still have an Interest in multiplayer. The cancel is for honoring the sahaba (Companion) of Muhammad PBUH, and I love arab civilizations.

As-Salamualaykum (Peace be upon you)

Muslims Conquest

Blood, Sword, Reign that was marked in Muslim Expansion on 632, but from that all, the most famous of all things, Religion.
Now I try to make the project about Muslims Expansion on Middle East in 632, this is my first Historically Mod. I hope this mod will be accurate as the history made.
I will explain some History that was Important to know (may be).
630, Arabia is Unified by Prophet Muhammad PBUH as The Islamic Caliphate. They were became a threat to Byzantine Empire in The North. But 632, The Prophet was died. The Mecca and Medina people make a Election to select the Successor, Abu Bakr Ash-Shidiq was elected. 1 Years after election, The Rashidun (Muslims) is Invade Sassanian Parthian. But Abu Bakr never see The Muslim conquer Parthia. Because in 634, Abu Bakr was died. Then Umar Al-Farooq became the successor.

In this mod I will make Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
We will had 6 Faction, that was:
1. The Rashidun Caliphate

2. Byzantine Empire

3. Sassanian Parthia Empire

4. Armenia People

5. Ghassanid People

6. Jewish Tribe

Features of The Mod

I'm used Native Lite Compilation mod as the basic.
The Basic is Include:
  • Diplomacy Kit
  • Custom Commander Kit

Then I'm Implement some New System

1. Faith System
You will get some choice to select their Faith or Religion.
2. Slavery System
You can use your slave to make some Improvement that was need Slave.

And Other Misc. Features

1. Unique Quest
There will be an Unique Quest from Unique NPC. Unique NPC will be in secret place that was you must explore all of scene and place.
2. Easter Egg
You will meet some Easter Egg in some scenes. To meet them, You must explore the scene, One by one.

Every Features Can Be Deleted or Added in any time, So Stay Tuned..

Troops Preview

The Rashidun Army
Click on the Picture for bigger size
More Troops Preview will be post soon

Bunch of Screenshot

Some Screenshot
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Progress Lists

Items: 30%
Troops: 20%
Banner: 100%
Scene: 20%
Lord & King: 0%
ALL PROGRESS: 30%+20%+100%+20%+0%: 5 = 34%