MC Crew: exa13 (Project Leader and Everything Work unless Modeling and Mapping), Demonwolf (Mapper) | Credit of This Mod: Njunja for Eastern Armour OSP, Yoman for Face Cover Mail Helmet OSP and other that was support this mod.


Sorry for the cancel, but there is some reason.

First, I don't want a history change it way, Its not funny to see Khalid Ibn Waleed the never-lose commander was taken down at Constantinople.

Second, I still can't control the seed of lord family, and you will see Khalid Ibn Waleed is the father of Amr Ibn Ash, weird huh?

Third, I still can't control lords behaviour, I know you are going to mad at Amr Ibn Ash when Amr said "Omar Ibn Al-Khattab is one of the hypocrite", I don't want to change the sense of every Muhammad's (PBUH) Companions.

Fourth, I stuck at the research, I can't find 20 Byzantine, Sassanian, Ghassanid, Armenian, Jewish Geneneral.

As the singleplayer was canceled, I still have an Interest in multiplayer. The cancel is for honoring the sahaba (Companion) of Muhammad PBUH, and I love arab civilizations.

As-Salamualaykum (Peace be upon you)

Muslims Conquest

Blood, Sword, Reign that was marked in Muslim Expansion on 632, but from that all, the most famous of all things, Religion.
Now I try to make the project about Muslims Expansion on Middle East in 632, this is my first Historically Mod. I hope this mod will be accurate as the history made.
I will explain some History that was Important to know (may be).
630, Arabia is Unified by Prophet Muhammad PBUH as The Islamic Caliphate. They were became a threat to Byzantine Empire in The North. But 632, The Prophet was died. The Mecca and Medina people make a Election to select the Successor, Abu Bakr Ash-Shidiq was elected. 1 Years after election, The Rashidun (Muslims) is Invade Sassanian Parthian. But Abu Bakr never see The Muslim conquer Parthia. Because in 634, Abu Bakr was died. Then Umar Al-Farooq became the successor.

In this mod I will make Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
We will had 6 Faction, that was:
1. The Rashidun Caliphate

2. Byzantine Empire

3. Sassanian Parthia Empire

4. Armenia People

5. Ghassanid People

6. Jewish Tribe

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